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‘Revolutionary Road’ Trailer: Leo and Kate Move to the Suburbs

Being late the time i didn’t make it there (2008).

Tagline: How do you break free without breaking apart?

Translation: We guess it’s sort of hard to explain everything in a trailer.

The Verdict: Treatments for movie adaptations of Revolutionary Road — Richard Yates’s classic 1961 novel about a suffocated suburban couple – have been kicking around since its publication, but it took the reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (directed here by her husband, Sam Mendes, for the first time) to actually get the thing done. The book is deeply depressing without being melodramatic, which is maybe why it’s taken so long for someone to actually adapt it; the trailer does gamely try to capture the vibe, mostly with lots of forlorn looks out of moving trains and long drags from cigarettes. DiCaprio still looks way too young to be playing anyone’s father, but it doesn’t matter too much considering his smirks are sort of perfect for the bullshit intellectual character of Frank Wheeler (also, he looks pretty sharp in fifties period clothing). Bonus: another sex scene in a car!

‘Revolutionary Road’ Trailer: Leo and Kate Move to the Suburbs