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Russell Crowe to Get His Doctorate, Solve Mysteries

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Sidekick: Now that Nottingham is in freefall, Russell Crowe might use his newfound free time to play Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie alongside Robert Downey Jr. Crowe said he really loves Ritchie’s take on the story, adding that he and the British director are both “martial arts enthusiasts,” and “like seriously have so much other stuff in common too and OMG, who wants BFF necklaces?!” [Sun UK]

Inglorious Days: Behold the face of Colonel Hans Landa, as German TV actor Cristoph Waltz signs on to Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards. National Treasure’s Diane Kruger will join him as German actress/saboteur Bridget Von Hammersmark (not Nastassja Kinski, as rumored), along with comedian Paul Rust. At this point, we’re left wondering if any roles are left for Tim Roth, Michael Masden, and Chris Penn’s Angry Ghost? [Coming Soon]

Lullaby, Baby: In recent interviews, author Chuck Palahnuik has revealed that his novel, Lullaby, is at the casting stage after securing some independent cash and a director in the form of “the Swedish David Fincher,” whose name sounds something like Ulfer Jansen. Turns out the interviewers didn’t ask for a correct spelling on the guy’s name, so now we’re left picturing that little guy on the Ikea instructions. As for the movie, the story is basically The Ring 3, except instead of a freaky video, it’s a freaky song that kills anyone who hears it, kind of like Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” [JoBlo, Film School Rejects]

The Real Fort McCoy: Eric Stoltz is toplining a cast that includes CSI:Miami’s Brendan Fehr, Ghost Whisperer’s Camryn Manheim, and Kick-Ass’s Lyndsy Fonseca in the indie wartime drama, Fort McCoy. True WWII-era story follows a barber who moves his family to a POW camp in Wisconsin, where his daughter befriends a German teenager. Will this be the movie that finally catapults Stoltz to stardom? Die antwort ist nein! [Variety]

Aniston Turns 30: Jennifer Aniston will guest-star on an upcoming episode of NBC’s 30 Rock, which is sort of double news because it also means our favorite show hasn’t been canceled yet. It’s not known if Aniston will play herself, a fictitious character, or a robot who only says “Buy Bee Movie on DVD!” [AP]

Russell Crowe to Get His Doctorate, Solve Mysteries