Ryan Adams Writes Another Song!

1. Ryan Adams, “Fix It”
This solid, downbeat number is the likely first single off Ryan Adams’s forthcoming Cardinology, his sixth release in three years. [Fuel Friends]

2. John Legend feat. André 3000, “Green Light (Diplo Dade County 1988 Mix)”
Diplo does what he needs to with this remix, which is to momentarily make us forget how sick of this song we are. [Pinglewood]

3. David Gilmour, “Remember a Day”
Pink Floyd’s Gilmour and Richard Wright were scheduled to perform a tribute to their former band on the BBC on Tuesday, but Wright’s death inspired Gilmour to do a tribute to Wright himself, playing a heartfelt version of this wistful track written by Wright from early in their career. [Culture Bully]

4. The Welcome Wagon, “Sold! To the Nice Rich Man” (Danielson Famile cover)
This track produced by Sufjan Stevens is a cover of a song by his former bandmates, the Danielson Famile, and announces the arrival of another band close to Stevens’s heart, made up of Vito Aiuto and his wife, Monique. [Pitchfork]

5. Kid Sister feat. David Banner, “Family Reunion”
If David Banner were our cousin and Kid Sister were our, um, kid sister, we would be a lot more excited about our family reunions. [Pitchfork]

Ryan Adams Writes Another Song!