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Ryan Adams’s Blog Replaces Human Contact

Double the roles, double the awards-baiting!

“Unless you go on the road to party and make out with a bunch of girls that you don’t know — which is not me, it’s not who I am — then it’s good to have something to do, it’s good to have someone, it’s good to have a friend. Not like an imaginary friend, but someone there — that’s kind of what the blog is.” Ryan Adams on his blog [Guardian]

“I’m kind of a failure. I mean, I’ll be honest. I’m successful in that I’m getting to work on great stuff, but I think I’m a failure in all the personal stuff that is most important to me.” Paul Feig [NYTM]

“In modern comedy there’s a return to sweetness. It could even be a reaction to the violence and darkness of Tarantino that the indie has gone vulnerable. It’s a great moment for Michael Cera, who’s a good Canadian boy.” Jason Reitman [NYT]

“It is our hope and prayer that the movie will vanish from theater screens quickly and will disappear into the rubble of unseen bad movies which fade into the dust of eternity.” John Casorio, lawyer for the Trinity Broadcast Network, on Bill Maher’s Religulous [NYT]

“Basically, I’m still a child, I love being childlike, and here was another chance to play with these crazy toys.” Jeff Bridges on returning to the world of Tron [Guardian]

“My first husband — actor Bobby Cannavale — is Cuban. And my second husband, Alex Weinstein, is a nice Jewish boy. My children look like a lot of things.” Jenny Lumet [LAT]

“If Obama loses, I’m tempted to leave America. I don’t know how I’d earn a living any place else, but I’d happily work for Obama to get him to win. My worry is that we’re handing him a bucket of shit and expecting him to make biscuits.” David Crosby [Guardian]

“Thanks for stopping by, bankers. Don’t let the door hit you etc etc.” Sasha Frere-Jones sees the silver lining in our country’s financial crisis [Gothamist]

“I know as well as anyone that a resoundingly mid-tempo record is like a really bad salesman, but I decided to embrace it. So if I did a take for that record that was too animated, I actually went back and unanimated it.” Ben Folds explains why Songs for Silverman sucked [NYP]

Ryan Adams’s Blog Replaces Human Contact