‘Spider-Man the Musical’ Is Going to Be Great, Says Random Blogger

This is probably what a Julie Taymor Spider-Man musical would look like, right?Photo Illustration: Courtesy of Sony

So, some blogger, who’s friends with some guy named Glen, who’s working on the Julie Taymor–helmed, U2-scored Spider-Man musical, got Glen to give her a sneak preview of the show. Like you, she was skeptical. No more — now she’s making Tony predictions. Said blogger posted about it on her LiveJournal, but it’s since been taken down, which we guess makes everything she said probably true, right? Publishers Weekly’s the Beat blog blurbed the relevant parts, below:

te>It’s fairly well-documented that Julie Taymor is a genius, but I was dubious when I first heard about this project. It’s Peter Parker plus Arachne (you know, from the myths about spiders) and it’s Green Goblin and Mary Jane and a greek chorus of geeks (geek chorus, snort snort) and, of course, J.J. Jameson. Glen was kind enough to show us all of the set design sketches and they are amazing — stylish and graphic with forced perspective and vertigo-inducing angles. Lots of LED stuff, also. We also got to see test footage from the swinging and flying and a short video of the team figuring out how to shoot webs. As Glen said, obviously there are going to be a lot of wires in this show. If it bothers you to see them, this is not the show for you.

We also got to hear some music from the workshop they did recently and, you know, it rocks. It’s undeniably U2 in the very best way. There’s a beautiful duet between Peter and MJ that I’m sure we’ll all see at the 2010 Tonys.

Wow! This sounds so good that not even Josh Bednarsky could screw it up!

First word on Spider-Man musical [Beat/PW]

‘Spider-Man the Musical’ Is Going to Be Great, Says Random Blogger