The Emmys: Also, How the Hell Did Bryan Cranston Beat James Spader?

Being late the time i didn’t make it there (2008).

Speaking of semi-baffling victories, the other big upset last night was Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s win over Boston Legal’s James Spader for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy.

We’re not saying Cranston’s award was undeserved (like Jeff Probst’s); we just figured James Spader had it in the bag — he’s undefeated in the category, having won three trophies for playing attorney Alan Shore in the past (he’s basically The Amazing Race of lead drama actors). And last year he even beat James Gandolfini, who was nominated for the final season of The Sopranos. Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil, who totally saw it coming, cites Cranston’s strong submission tape, and also Spader’s seemingly ungrateful acceptance speech at last year’s awards (“I feel like I just stole a bunch of money from the mob … I still have no idea who votes for these things. Or even how you secure a ballot”). Could the real-life Mafia (purportedly huge fans of his work on Malcolm in the Middle) have stuffed the ballot box for Cranston?

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Emmys: How Did Bryan Cranston Beat James Spader?