Today in Gaming: AC/DC Rock Band, Zack Snyder, and New Nintendo DS

Mainstreaming that we’re happy about.

Lots of video-game news today, but first a coup for Wal-Mart: The retailer, undoubtedly still peeved about losing out on “Chinese Democracy” to Best Buy, has announced instead an exclusive video-game deal with AC/DC. The game, AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack, is the first Rock Band game to focus on just one band and the first to be sold only at Wal-Mart. (“Black Ice,” AC/DC’s upcoming new album, will also be sold exclusively at the chain, alongside all manner of band merchandise that will be delicately shoved down your throat).

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder — the director of 300 and the upcoming Watchmen — has signed a three-game development deal with Entertainment Arts; of course his production company, Cruel & Unusual Films, already owns the movie rights to the game he has not yet thought up. Clever.

Finally, Nintendo’s new DS console, the best-selling portable console in history, will have its new version out by the end of the year. It will be equipped with a camera, a music player, WiFi connectivity, and a little bell that goes off when your subway stop is coming up. Which might make it the most awesomely practical toy we can imagine.

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Today in Gaming: AC/DC Rock Band, Zack Snyder, and New Nintendo DS