We Can Feel the New Kanye Song Coming in the Air Tonight

1. Kanye West, “Love Lockdown”
We wouldn’t be surprised if this new Kanye song wasn’t on lockdown after Phil Collins’s lawyers saw it last night on the VMAs. [Mixtape Podcast]

2. Justice, “Planisphere (Final)”
Recorded as both this version and a three-part suite, you can play Goldilocks and decide which of the three parts of Justice’s new track you like best. This final version, with its wanky prog-metal guitar jamming, is just right for us. [Asian Dan]

3. Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (Vampire Weekend cover)
Malawi-born Esau Mwamwaya reappropriates Vampire Weekend’s sorta hit for the B-side of their new single. [Streetkiss]

4. The Mountain Goats and Kaki King, “Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is in Another Castle”
This track (from Black Pear Tree, a six-song collaboration between the two artists) is easily history’s most touching song written from the perspective of a humanoid mushroom video-game character. [Pitchfork]

5. Timbaland feat. T-Pain, “Talk”
On this new Timbaland track, guest vocoder operator T-Pain asks the musical question “Shorty, what you lookin’ for? I bet I got it here.” Sadly, he’s lying. [You, Me and Everyone]

We Can Feel the New Kanye Song Coming in the Air Tonight