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Stephen Colbert is appearing in the new issue of Spider-Man, the latest team-up in the proud co-tradition of satirical news shows and … wait, whaaaaat?! Yes, it’s true — the blowhard character, whose presence has been felt in the Marvel Universe via recent “Colbert for President” signs in the background of various comics, is getting an eight-page story in Amazing Spider-Man #573. Apparently, a dejected Colbert shuts down his campaign when J. Jonah Jameson convinces him he’ll never win New York, a state crucial to his presidential hopes — that is, until Spider-Man inspires him to keep up the good fight nonetheless! And while we’re a little bummed that Colbert won’t be actually fighting crime — as the misleading but quite rad preview art would have you believe — this still sounds awesome.

After all, Colbert is unique among his political-yukster brethren in that he’s sort of perfect for comic books — he’s already a one-liner-spewing caricature! Also, we’d more or less forgotten about Colbert’s bid for presidency, which he wisely put to bed in the real world a while back. But now that he may actually win it in the Marvel Universe, we’re paying attention. Asked about Colbert’s White House hopes, Spider-Man writer Mark Waid said “It’s possible! I’m not sure how he’s weighing in on this whole AIG/financial collapse crisis, and that may be the turning point, so we’ll see.” Spidey for secretary of Defense!

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Stephen Colbert