Ace of Base Return! No, We Don’t Know Why!

1. Ace of Base, “Wheel of Fortune 2009”
Ace of Base are hoping to attract both the young folks (who are apparently into Swedish music these days) and the old folks (who still remember them), by releasing a record of new material, and a greatest-hits collection, from which this remix is taken. [Sheena Beaston]

2. The Decemberists, “O New England”
We’re guessing Colin Meloy isn’t going to be taking the fall foliage tour this year, as he says he’d “rather just wait in the car” on this B-side to the upcoming “Valerie Plame” single. [Captain Obvious]

3. Holy Fuck, “Balloons” (Foals cover)
Holy Fuck and the Foals are keeping each other covered on a split twelve-inch available on their tour. [You Ain’t No Picasso]

4. Wale feat. Skyroo, “5 Minutes”
You won’t have to wonder what the title of this track from Wale’s forthcoming 9th Wonder–produced Back to the Feature mix tape is about, as he tells you right in the song: “I literally wrote that from 4:25 to 4:30. About five minutes.” [Above the Fold]

5. Kanye West, “Love Lockdown (Shades Remix)”
Bordering on being a mash-up, this remix brings out the auto-twang in Yeezy’s croon by giving him ZZ Top as a backing band. [White Folks Get Crunk]

Ace of Base Return! No, We Don’t Know Why!