Akon Apparently Not Heavily Invested in Stock Market

1. Akon feat. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, “I’m So Paid”
On his guest verse, Young Jeezy tells us that, owing to some unfortunate problems with the government, he’s taken to hiding his money in a mattress. Young Jeezy for chairman of the Fed! [Pagettemusic]

2. The Homosexuals, “Slow Guns”
After 36 years in the business, punk legends the Homosexuals (and their guns) may be slowing down a bit, but this brand-new track proves they’re still just as lethal. [Pitchfork]

3. Alexis Taylor, “Girl”
Alexis Taylor asks the titular girl in this solid track to release the “chain from [his] heart,” just like his band, Hot Chip, released the chains from him so he could record his new solo album. [Off the Radar]

4. Matisyahu, “Smash Lies”
On this new track, everyone’s favorite Hasidic reggae-rap-rock star Matisyahu pulls a Haley Joel Osment and asks us to “dream awake,” which results in his seeing a room filled with “villains and ghosts.” [Smash Lies]

5. Pretty Money feat. Trina, “B.I.T.C.H. (Remix)”
At the hip-hop spelling bee, Trina spells out the word “bitch,” but not before Pretty Money uses it about a million times in a sentence. [White Folks Get Crunk]

Akon Apparently Not Heavily Invested in Stock Market