Andrew Bird Whistles Through the Financial Apocalypse

Sloane Tanen’s Feathers (2008).

1. Andrew Bird, “Oh No”
As the title suggests, beneath the pretty strings and whistling, Andrew Bird is pretty alarmed on this track off his next album. But not about the economy! He’s mostly upset about “calcium mines you bury deep in your chest” and calculators used as weapons. [Pitchfork]

2. The Killers, “Spaceman”
Aliens always seem to abduct crazy people. Like Brandon Flowers, who told of a close encounter on this weekend’s SNL wearing what could be the weirdest jacket we’ve ever seen. [Culture Bully]

3. The Game feat. Mars, “Through My Eyes”
Newly obsessed with death and spaceships, the Game drops what might be his most soulful and perhaps best track ever. [Tape]

4. The Knife, “Marble House (Dave Sitek Remix)”
TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek acts as interior decorator on this remix of the Knife’s coldly gleaming “Marble House,” making it at least a little bit cozier. [Fuck You on Friday]

5. Mos Def, “Auditorium”
Oddly enough, it takes a cinematic live band (like the one backing him up here for his recent show at the Kennedy Center) to give Mos Def the energy to sound like a legitimate rapper again. [Attorney Street]

Andrew Bird Whistles Through the Financial Apocalypse