B.B. King, Bono, and the Edge Bring Love to Town

Mary Jo Vath’s Chrysanthemum and Truffle (2004).

1. B.B. King, Bono, and the Edge, “When Love Comes to Town”
“The day before love came to town” was about twenty years ago, but at this event honoring King, it still sounds pretty good. [Scatter o’ Light]

2. Built to Spill, “Paper Planes” (M.I.A. cover)
Built to Spill must deal with notoriously strict Italian firearm and cash-register laws, yet still manage to nail a surprisingly faithful version of M.I.A.’s recent hit. [Stereogram]

3. Jason Forrest, “New Dark Ages”
Berlin-based producer Jason Forrest mixes Polvo’s 1994 Celebrate the New Dark Age EP into a single, lurching track. The song succeeds against long odds, but maybe that’s because Forrest has the experience of seeing what the “new dark ages” are really like. [Pitchfork]

4. Ben Sollee feat. Jim James, “Only a Song”
On this track from a tour-only EP, Sollee (along with fellow Louisvillian and My Morning Jacket front man Jim James) gives us a song that “won’t change the world,” but whose small-scale message might be a nice change from the election bombast. [Fuel Friends]

5. Hearts Revolution, “Ultraviolence”
This new shouty un-dance track is typical of what you can hear in just about any milk bar in Williamsburg these days. [Pitchfork]

B.B. King, Bono, and the Edge Bring Love to Town