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Bill Murray Starts Latest ‘Batman 3’ Rumor

“I would have been a fine Batman.” Bill Murray [MTV]

“We went, and we played the American Gladiators. We were cocky at the beginning, before we started, We’re gonna beat the Gladiators, who do we play next?’ And the Gladiators almost beat us. It was like 186 to nothing, we were shell-shocked.” The Office’s Oscar Nuñez on participating on Celebrity Family Feud [A.V. Club]

“It’s about what has always been the standard, and I don’t look like the standard. I’ve got the flat chest. I’m more ethnic-looking than most people.” Debra Messing is ethnic-looking? [NYT]

“For some of the shows politics is their bread and butter. Shows like mine and Jay’s and Dave’s also do different things. Sometimes I have to move on to something silly, like me jumping into a vat of cheddar cheese.” Conan O’Brien [NYT]

“It’s not a history lesson but rather it’s just a comedy about a guy who manages to get himself out of just about every possible jam you could imagine.” Atze Schroder on his Nazi spoof film, U-900 [Reuters]

Bill Murray Starts Latest ‘Batman 3’ Rumor