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Brandon Routh Is Still Super, Thanks for Asking

Or Is He?: DC comics president Paul Levitz has told Latino Review that he’s been meeting with Brandon Routh “to talk about Superman and what we want to do,” which definitely sounds like he’ll be playing Superman in any sequel that comes down the pipe. But when will that be? DC is waiting for “Nolan to sign on for another Batman” and then “the release date for Superman and all other future projects will follow.” [Latino Review]

Wahlberg May Not Fight Soon: In an interview with ComingSoon, Mark Wahlberg has cast considerable doubt on the health of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fighter, saying that without a start date, “It’s too depressing to talk about. I get up everyday at 5:00 a.m. to train for a movie that might not even happen. I get up to talk to animals every day, but they’re no help either!” [ComingSoon]

Ortega Keeps His Dancing Shoes On: High School Musical’s Kenny Ortega has been “invited to re-imagine Footloose for Paramount,” and he wants Tweenmerica’s own Zac Efron to star in the Kevin Bacon role. “There’s some genuine enthusiasm coming from the Paramount side,” Ortega says, neglecting to add that “they’re all a bunch of idiots who’re scared to make anything original, but hey, it’s a living!” [BBC]

Scott Takes Forever: Fox 2000 has snagged the rights to Joe Haldeman’s 1974 sci-fi novel The Forever War, for Ridley Scott to direct. Story follows a guy who goes deep into outer space to fight an alien race for a short period of time, only to find that tons of time has passed on Earth when he returns (because of special relativity and a little thing called SCIENCE). Scott originally intended to direct this immediately after Blade Runner and Alien, but the film got held up owing to rights issues — for two decades, although it only feels like a few months (see what we did there?). [Variety]

Adams Tests the Waters: Mean GirlsMark Waters will direct Eva Adams, an hour-long pilot for Fox, based on Kevin Falls’s script he adapted from the Argentine telenovela Lalola. Series centers on a womanizer who somehow becomes a woman himself. Comeuppance ensues? [Variety]

Brandon Routh Is Still Super, Thanks for Asking