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Citizen Foxx

The Dude Abides: Jamie Foxx is in final negotiations to star with Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, Frank Darabont’s psychological thriller for the Film Department. Story, by Darabont and Kurt Wimmer, follows a D.A. who finds himself in the center of a revenge plot by a disgruntled “victim of the legal system” after the man’s plea bargain releases his wife’s murderer. Too confusing? Maybe it’s a metaphor for the legal system. [HR]

Brolin’s Hex: Josh Brolin is going from playing the president cowboy to playing a mauled-up cowboy antihero in the big-screen adaptation of the comic Jonah Hex, according to Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere. Hex is a middle-aged gunslinger bounty hunter in the 1800s trying to track down a voodoo priest. [Hollywood Elsewhere via Cinemablend]

Gosling’s Turning Green?: According to our friends at Latino Review, a “trusted source” at Warner Brothers has revealed that Ryan Gosling is at the top of their list to play the title role in The Green Lantern, beating out other rumored actors like Seth Green, Justin Long, and Vulture favorite Dom DeLuise. [Latino Review]

Disneyland Dubai?: Disney and Los Angeles–based producer Rachel Gandin are in negotiations with Lebanese director Chadi Zeineddine to finance and produce The Last of the Storytellers, an Arab-language film that draws heavily upon regional folklore. The project is part of a large-scale effort by Disney to do business with the region, and part of a large-scale effort by the U.S. military to destabilize the region by introducing Arab tweens to Hannah Montana. [Variety]

Beethoven’s Sixth: Beethoven’s Big Break will mark the sixth entry in Universal’s big-dog canon, going direct to video and — as far as we’re concerned — direct to awesome. We can’t imagine what kind of trouble America’s favorite St. Bernard gets himself into the sixth time around, but if The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock is any indication, it’s going to be a wild ride. [HR]

Citizen Foxx