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Clint Eastwood: Kind of a Jerk

“I remember a couple pictures ago, a crew member was standing around eating something. Clint says, ‘What’s that you’re eating?’ The guy says, ‘A piece of pizza.’ It was dripping with grease. He says, ‘Do you want a piece?’ Clint says, ‘No, I have several more movies I want to make.’” Robert Lorenz on Clint Eastwood [NYP]

“I could get pregnant. I’ve got a bit of time before my next project. Maybe I’ll be on American Idol.” Cloris Leachman on her post-Dancing With the Stars plans [NYT]

“Eminem, he’s like Jesus overseas. He’s like Elvis overseas.” Tony Yayo [Guardian]

“It’s great to be at but it’s not really great for people like us to play at because you don’t go on until eleven o’clock at night, and all the people that you’re with by five to eleven are absolutely battered. So by the time you get off at half twelve you’re just trying to play catch up and make sense of what your girlfriend is saying.” Noel Gallagher on playing at Glastonbury [Guardian]

“After Gone Baby Gone, I got a few scripts wanting me to play tough single moms because people see you as the last thing you’ve done. That’s why I was very eager to do The Office — it was nice to be able to wear a skirt and brush my hair for a change.” Amy Ryan [NYDN]

Clint Eastwood: Kind of a Jerk