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Could the Awful Cover of ‘Chinese Democracy’ Cause Another Delay?

Courtesy of the New Museum

This morning, the world finally got its first Axl-sanctioned taste of Chinese Democracy, the Guns N’ Roses album that’s been in the making since before man learned to walk upright. And now there’s even a press release confirming the album’s official release on November 23 at a Best Buy near you. But would anyone really be surprised if Axl decided it wasn’t yet done and scrapped the whole thing, delaying Democracy for several more decades? Of course not! And now, right on cue, comes a hilarious, now-retracted item on EW’s Website in which it’s implied that band manager Andy Gould thinks the album’s cover could still pose a problem:

With less than a month to go until fans can judge the final product for themselves (pending approval of the album’s artwork, which, Gould hinted, could have its own complications), the anticipation — and pressure — is most certainly high.

As has already been pointed out by anyone who’s seen it, the current working cover that’s been posted on Best Buy’s Website is indeed atrocious, and it would really sort of be a shame if Axl were forced to rush something out that he wasn’t completely happy with.

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Could the Awful Cover of ‘Chinese Democracy’ Cause Another Delay?