It’s On: Disney Officially Launches ‘Wall-E’ Best Picture Campaign!

Watch your back!

With this fall’s strike-affected batch of prestige films already stumbling with critics, and February’s lowest-ever ratings for a televised Oscar ceremony, might the Academy Awards be forced to recognize movies that people actually like next year? Maybe! The Times reports that this week Disney will officially launch its Best Picture campaign for Wall-E, 2008’s best-reviewed movie so far, with an ad in Variety. The move comes as other big studios weigh campaigns for their hits; Warner Bros. is sending Dark Knight screeners to awards voters, and Paramount, already pushing Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder, is hilariously considering highlighting Iron Man as an Oscar contender. Man, wouldn’t it be great to see any of those movies steal a spot from Gran Torino? Wall-E for Best Picture!

Studios Are Pushing Box Office Winners as Oscar Contenders [NYT]

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It’s On: Disney Officially Launches ‘Wall-E’ Best Picture Campaign!