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Does It Really Matter If Beyoncé’s New Album Is Late?

Also still pissed about the Mike Seaver thing.

Has Beyoncé’s busy acting career forced the singer to miss today’s deadline for her forthcoming album? Yes, according to an anonymous insider interviewed by the New York Daily News. The record, which is still untitled, must be completed by today in order for her label to make its previously announced November 18 release date, but there are concerns that her commitments in filming the upcoming movies Cadillac Records and Obsessed, as well as numerous unsuccessful attempts to record a duet with Justin Timberlake, will prevent her from meeting the deadline. Though it seems rather unlikely the record will miss its due date — two singles, “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies” are set to be released next week — the reality of the situation is that, from our perspective, Beyoncé is exactly right in how she is prioritizing her time.

Though Beyoncé is undoubtedly a better singer than an actress, her film career promises to be far more rewarding and lucrative in the years to come, particularly as audiences become increasingly resistant to actually purchasing CDs in stores, or even noticing the existence of release dates. Yes, her album does stand to sell more copies if it is out during the fourth-quarter pre-Christmas rush, but the way things are trending, the difference probably wouldn’t be all that dramatic. Either way, if the record seems rushed and slapped together, audiences will respond more negatively than if it were a couple of weeks late. Let the lady take her time!

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Does It Really Matter If Beyoncé’s New Album Is Late?