‘Entourage’: The Boys Eat Mushrooms in the Desert

The boys, Eric Roberts, and Eric Roberts’s drugs head to the desert for some high-spirited soul-searching — an obvious but gratifying plot that reminds us why Entourage is the show we can’t stop watching–slash–can’t stop hating ourselves for watching!

Business: Hollywood is still punishing Vince for spurning Aquaman 2. Who holds a grudge that long? “Women and gays,” answers Drama. “It’s true. Look it up.” When Vince debates whether to accept a part in Benji Goes to Alaska or hope against hope for Smoke Jumpers, Eric counsels him not to make a decision based solely on money and promises to float him. But Drama has another strategy for making that sort of career decision, and it involves Joshua Tree National Park and a bag of mushrooms. “No phones, no fairies.” When someone who isn’t Ari (or Lloyd) gets that focused on homosexuality, we know that the episode promises plenty of warm, wet brotherly love.

Picking up Julia Roberts’s brother (and his drugs) and convincing Ari to go with them to the desert is about as plausible as that very special Facts of Life episode where they go to Amsterdam, but, hey, whatever it takes to get Ari Gold high and begging Lloyd for help is fine by us. And it’s probably fine by Lloyd, as his playing cell-phone Confucius (ah, racism) to his tripping boss is probably the only thing keeping him from taking the blame when Ari’s wife arrives home unexpectedly to find her husband gone, his assistant dog-sitting, and 25 naked men in her pool.

An addled and sentimental Vince has an epiphany: getting a part in Smoke Jumpers is important to him because E found the script and said it was good — and because he wants people to know that it’s Eric who makes Vince good. Awww! But when Turtle’s Rottweiler chases Ari back to the boys, Vince interprets it as a sign: Take Benji. As they head back to L.A. in Roberts’s Winnebago, they pass the charred remains of a convertible they saw on the way out. Luckily, the hot chicks who were in the car, and their expensive breasts, seem to be fine. Even luckier, Vince is still high: He sees his own face when one of the firefighters turns around and recognizes that as the real sign: Ari is just going to have to find a way to get him Smoke Jumpers.

‘Entourage’: The Boys Eat Mushrooms in the Desert