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Ethan Coen Fires George Clooney

You want a piece of me? Please?

“After this last movie, George said: ‘That’s it, I’ve played my last idiot.’ Ethan said: ‘Well, you won’t be working with us any more, then.’” Joel Coen on typecasting George Clooney [Telegraph]

“We put him in the thong, which is CG. We basically took his outfit from the book. But, as in the book, we took it off him. Because he just lets it go. He certainly lets it all hang out.” Zack Snyder on Dr. Manhattan’s wang in Watchmen [Movieweb]

“I will not wear tights because according to our research they weren’t invented for another 300 years. I apologize to you all and to Sienna Miller.” Russell Crowe, insisting on historical accuracy for Robin Hood [ComingSoon]

“I think in those days, even with that large group of people, they weren’t making films to pinpoint certain demographics. Like, ‘We need to get the 16-to-25-year-old guys who like to jerk off to girls in bikinis.’” Simon Pegg on how moviemaking has changed since Casablanca [A.V. Club]

“The Scientologists and the Mormons I think should merge. Call it ‘Mormontology.’” Bill Maher on his new faith [Orlando Sentinel via PopMatters]

“They take a lot of flack from people who have never done fuck all in their life. I think they’re great. That’s my final word.” Chris Martin adores Nickelback [Spinner]

Ethan Coen Fires George Clooney