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Ever Wondered What an E-mail From Ben Silverman Looks Like?

Mary Jo Vath’s Chrysanthemum and Truffle (2004).

The new Fortune profile of NBC wunderkind (and Vulture hero) Ben Silverman contains several exciting revelations. First, despite all speculation to the contrary, Silverman is purportedly in negotiations to remain at NBC with the full confidence of Jeff Zucker (“I can’t imagine doing this with somebody else,” says the NBCU CEO) — yay! Second, according to Tina Fey, he’s partially the basis for Will Arnett’s evil Devin Banks character on 30 Rock. Third, Richard Siklos, the profile’s author, reprints the partial text of an e-mail he received from Silverman. How is it? Awesome.

“With david cameron head of tory party and billy and katie joel on way to join rupert and wendy murdoch and liz murdoch and matthew freud for my birthday weekend in greece. Had amazing meetings in china with head of intel asia who we are going to help market, head of china sovereign bank who wants to do weather channel type deals with us, kerry stokes who is our Australian partner and owns channel 7 in oz, michael phelps and his agent to book him on saturday night live while managing our promos marketing and creative via phone and email. This is how business gets done in 21st century. Human relationships and digital communication.”

We can barely understand a word of it, but if anything this awesome ever popped up in our in-box, we would JUST DIE.

The Player [Fortune]

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Ever Wondered What an E-mail From Ben Silverman Looks Like?