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For ‘Indy 5,’ George Lucas Will Put on His Thinking Cap

…And Let’s Hope Not His “Suck” Hat: Harrison Ford tells the L.A. Times that “momentum is building for a fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise,” and that George Lucas “is in think mode right now,” a mode Lucas apparently hasn’t used since 1981. No other sequel details have emerged, although expect the movie to feature Shia LaBeouf and the script to be devoid of Frank Darabont’s magic touch. Another great tidbit from the interview: Did Ford’s 7-year-old son like Indy 4? “He hasn’t seen it.” [Hero Complex/LAT]

Nolan Returns?: Even though everybody and their mamas have been busy debunking rumors about Batman 3 lately, Saturday’s Production Weekly gave an update and listed Christopher Nolan directing a cast that includes Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman. Cinema Blend wisely points out that PW isn’t “normally prone to exaggeration.” Besides, if you read it on the Internet, it must be true! [Cinema Blend]

Eisenberg’s Uncertain of Zombies: Adventureland’s Jesse Eisenberg may continue his streak of “-land” movies, as he’s in talks to join Woody Harrelson in Columbia’s Zombieland, the story of a mismatched pair of survivors who form a friendship in a postapocalyptic zombiescape. Once again we can’t help but get furious over the misuse of a great title; why not set the movie at an amusement park? Tagline: “You must be this tall … to die!” [HR]

Dennings Defends Herself: Fresh off her turn in the adorable Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Kat Dennings is in negotiations to join Woody Harrelson and Sandra Oh in the indie comedy Defendor. Story centers on a regular guy who thinks he has a superhero alter ego, and the psychiatrist who tries to talk him out of it. Dennings will play a teenager he befriends — a dry, sarcastic one, no doubt. “Um, it’s called acting?” [HR]

Ziyi’s Revenge: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’s Zhang Ziyi will star in a Chinese romantic comedy called Sophie’s Revenge for CJ Entertainment. It’s worth noting that romantic comedies, as a genre, don’t really exist in China, according to CJ’s head of international financing — which means there might be some genre mixing going on. That being said, we’re all about flirtatious encounters where instead of playing Pictionary, new couples do ninja battle in bamboo forests. [Variety]

For ‘Indy 5,’ George Lucas Will Put on His Thinking Cap