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For ‘Under Siege 3,’ Steven Seagal Demands to Fight Aliens

Mysterical, extraterrestrial genius.

Ryback Is Back?: Steven Seagal has told MTV that, in regards to rounding out the Under Siege movies into a trilogy, “there are offers and we’re looking at them.” He stresses that he wants the story to be “more modern,” adding that he wouldn’t mind “if it was about something more mystical or maybe extraterrestrial in nature.” Uh, with ideas like that he also wouldn’t mind sharing screen time with Shia LaBeouf or hiding in a fridge to survive a nuclear blast. [MTV]

Fossett Discovered: The discovery of billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett’s belongings was made by some hikers, one of whom worked for a small production company (LMNO) topped by producer Eric Schotz. The opportunistic Schotz heard the news and immediately made a deal with Discovery Channel to document their findings on a TV special, called Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong. Meanwhile, we’ll be shopping around our own documentary called Eric Schotz: What a Douchebag. Variety]

Schreiber’s Just Your Every Day Guy: Liev Schreiber and Helen “Am I really that good an actress?” Hunt will star in Richard Levine’s Every Day. Story follows a couple whose marriage “is strained to the breaking point.” If only it were literally strained to the Breaking Point and Gary Busey showed up to kick some ass. [Variety]

Romero Now Officially Lazy: Director George Romero has begun production on an untitled thriller in the — gasp! — zombie genre. This time, inhabitants of an isolated island off the “North American coast” must fend off a zombie outbreak made up of their dead relatives. Seriously, it’s like Romero’s got a book of Madlibs to finish before he dies and every page is exactly the same: [Noun] of the Dead. This one’s probably “Island” of the Dead, although knowing Madlibs we wouldn’t rule out “Boobies” of the Dead. [Variety]

Dorothy and John Davis: Producer John Davis has optioned Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen, a book proposal by Paul Alexander that ties the syndicated columnist’s death to her investigation of the JFK assassination. Kilgallen notably was the only person to interview Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, except she died mysteriously thereafter, presumably without discovering that Watchmen’s Comedian was on the grassy knoll. [Variety]

For ‘Under Siege 3,’ Steven Seagal Demands to Fight Aliens