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Is a Tina Fey Backlash Already Under Way?

Mary Jo Vath’s Chrysanthemum and Truffle (2004).

Just as we feared, the Tina Fey backlash may have already started. And as we should have guessed, it isn’t coming from critics or bloggers — who’ve always loved her and probably always will — but from regular TV viewers. Joe Six-Packs, if you will. In David Hinckley’s Daily News column today, he quotes from letters he’s received about Fey. One, by a reader named John Locke — presumably not this one or this one — says that Fey’s Sarah Palin sketches are “tabloid journalism, which is not journalism at all.” (?) He continues: “Who cares about Tina Fey? Tina Fey is ugly. Sarah Palin is beautiful, and smart. Fey is making an idiot of herself, and you as well, for reporting this nonsense.” Hinckley, we presume, cut off the part of the letter where Locke accused her of having cooties and eating babies.

Others claim Fey’s Palin sketches are “mean-spirited” and “worn out.” “I don’t see where it is creating so much adulation for Tina,” says one. But surely none of these letters could possibly have originated in the real America, right? 30 Rock is finally back tomorrow night (it’s already online!), and we expect the Tina Fey deification to continue apace.

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Is a Tina Fey Backlash Already Under Way?