Is Ari Graynor Your Next Indie Crush?

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USA Today checks in with Ari Graynor, the drunk chick from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and we find ourselves feeling something very familiar. An adorable New Yorker stealing scenes in a Michael Cera movie? It’s the Olivia Thirlby Indie-Crush Playbook! But could Graynor actually wrestle the mantle away from dear Olivia? After the jump, we investigate.

To her credit, Graynor claims, “I’ve had many nights as Caroline,” her character in the movie. She’s currently dating Eddie Kaye Thomas (yes, Shitbreak from American Pie), which totally works in her favor by making her seem approachable. She lives in the East Village and hangs out with Eddie at Le Poisson Rouge, which (we think?) gets her some cred points. And she’s not only shooting another movie with Cera (Youth in Revolt) but one with Ellen Page (Whip It!) as well! Promising, promising. Only, it turns out Graynor grew up in lame old Boston, not the knife-fight-riddled Lower East Side like Thirlby. Plus, she sort of awkwardly name-checks the Vampire Weekend single on the Nick and Norah soundtrack when talking about the music she likes. Sigh. Close, but no Thirlby.

’Infinite Playlist’ has a New York beat for city girl Graynor [USAT]

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Is Ari Graynor Your Next Indie Crush?