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Is This Dan Aykroyd ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ Ad for Real?

You want a piece of me? Please?

This informercial for Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka is so slick and straight-faced that it makes us question whether the comedian is attempting an elaborate practical joke or has lost his mind and is actually peddling a “triple Herkimer diamond filtered Newfoundland deep aquifer pure spirit vodka” bottled in a glass skull that symbolizes our “common universality.” After rambling on about aliens, ghosts, and mystical powers, the Ghostbusters star makes a point of referencing “ectoplasm” early in the spot, which has us wondering whether this may actually be a bizarre, extraordinarily deadpan viral-marketing ploy related to the forthcoming Ghostbusters 3.

Crystal Head Vodka [via Alex Blagg]

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Is This Dan Aykroyd ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ Ad for Real?