Kanye Cools Down


1. Kanye West, “Coldest Winter”
This third track from the upcoming Kanye record has the best hook of any so far. It sounds a little like a new Killers song, but with lyrics that vaguely make sense. [East of L.A.]

2. Björk feat. Thom Yorke, “Nattura”
Björk asked music bloggers to take down this track when it first leaked last week because she’d recorded it to benefit an environmental-awareness charity. Which is ironic, since downloading it for free saved on wasteful packaging. [Kata Rokkar]

3. Dead Confederate, “Theresa’s Sound World” (Sonic Youth cover)
Dead Confederate make this epic, Dirty-era Sonic Youth track “breathe again” for a live session at Have You Heard. [Have You Heard?]

4. Jeff Mangum, “Engine”
What’s amazing about this live track isn’t that the ultrareclusive Neutral Milk Hotel genius Jeff Mangum (indie rock’s Harper Lee) decided to come out and play yet another show with Olivia Tremor Control — it’s that the crowd talked all the way through it. [Pitchfork]

5. Department of Eagles, “What Is Your Deal?”
This Grizzly Bear offshoot continues to endear, with this awesome, brand-new non-album track performed live for Daytrotter. [Daytrotter]

Kanye Cools Down