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Kirk Cameron Narrowly Avoids Crack-Smoking and Cross-dressing

“As a teen idol who makes it to 37 without being a crack-smoking transvestite stuck in a drug-rehab center over and over, I’d say, wow, those values have served me pretty well.” Kirk Cameron [NYT]

“At the early shows I was always kind of screaming at people to dance, and I was like, taking my clothes off in an art gallery and jumping on top of people. It was fun, but I kind of took a step back, and it wasn’t totally making sense, because I wasn’t actually making music that you could party to.” Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk [Pitchfork]

“Cutting my Afro helped me hide. A lot of people didn’t recognize me — especially some of the girls I was chatting it up with at clubs.” Maxwell on disappearing for a decade [NYP]

“I get mail about [Harry Potter] every other week. Because the character I voiced, Dobby, bangs his head against walls and punishes himself for various sins, I’ve had a couple from S&M enthusiasts as well. It’s neat to have that broad a church enjoying my voice work.” Toby Jones [LAT]

“It’s not that I think it looks that good. I just can’t think of anything else.” Chrissie Hynde on having the same haircut for 40 years [NYDN]

“But we did date for a while. I’ve met a couple of total wrecks who’ve loved Bjork and ended up broken hearted. I didn’t love her. If it had been Debbie Harry then ‘Woah!’ But I wasn’t that into her.” Tricky [Guardian]

Kirk Cameron Narrowly Avoids Crack-Smoking and Cross-dressing