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Robert Plant Totally Replaceable, Claims Led Zeppelin

Lise Sarfati’s Aza & Alexandra #2, Moscou (1992).

It’s official: Led Zeppelin will tour, sort of! Bassist John Paul Jones confirmed to the BBC yesterday that the only thing preventing a full-fledged reunion is the resistance of Robert Plant (and also John Bonham’s headstrong insistence on remaining dead, if you want to get technical). So, Jones, Jimmy Page, and Jason Bonham are currently auditioning new singers for a reunion tour and possible album, though Jones says, “There’s no point in just finding another Robert. You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don’t want to be our own tribute band.” An excellent point!

So far, Myles R. Kennedy, the front man for Alter Bridge, has been the only rumored contender, which is way worse than Zeppelin touring with a singer from a band you’ve never heard of — Alter Bridge is what became of Creed following Scott Stapp’s departure. Yes, terrifying. But according to noted expert Dee Snider, this could be just a clever ruse to get Plant to reconsider: “They’re gonna, like, hope that Robert, at the last minute, will go, ‘OK,’ and step in, before having the lead singer of Alter Bridge out with John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham.” As long as we’re using scare tactics to shake up Plant (who apparently “doesn’t want to make loud music anymore”), might we suggest this guy?

Zeppelin to go back on the road [BBC]

Robert Plant Totally Replaceable, Claims Led Zeppelin