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Leonardo DiCaprio: World’s Biggest Anime Fanboy

“Dear Betty, I really hope you’re not having casual sex with some stranger right now …”

Leo Reads the Scroll: Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to make a live-action version of 1993 anime cartoon Ninja Scroll, with Appian Way — Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, which is also adapting seminal anime flick Akira — set to helm the project. Watchmen scribe Alex Tse will write the script, and your 13-year-old brother will pee his pants upon its release. [Variety]

I Am Raimi!: Following the success (?) of its TV adaptation of Crash, Starz has ordered its second-ever original series: Spartacus, an hour-long drama to be produced by Sam Raimi. The show, purportedly set to debut next summer, will be shot Sin City style with live actors on virtual sets, so expect something along the lines of 300 with a bit of Raimi Vision thrown in for nostalgia’s sake. [HR]

It’s Raining McAvoy: Not content with his status as just an onscreen heartthrob, James McAvoy is headed back to the stage in a West End production of Three Days of Rain. McAvoy stars alongside Nigel Harman and an uncast female role (played by Julia Roberts on Broadway in 2006), in the play about three childhood friends. One question: Will we be able to see those eyes onstage? Because let’s be honest, with McAvoy, it’s all about those deep blue seas. [Variety]

Reno in Retreat: Jean Reno has joined the cast of Couples Retreat, the Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau comedy about, what else, a couples’ retreat. Reno will play the retreat’s therapist-owner, doling out guidance to the likes of Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell. The biggest congratulations is due to Reno’s thin circle glasses, which have never found a better role than sitting on the face of a couples’ therapist. [Variety]

The Chance of a Lifetime: If you thought Lifetime’s original movies were hokey melodramas good for nothing more than mockery, you’re probably still right. But now they have name actors! The network has signed up Lost’s Emilie de Ravin and Cybill Shepherd for High Noon and Jerry O’Connell and Faye Dunaway for Midnight Bayou, both adaptations of Nora Roberts books. [HR]

Leonardo DiCaprio: World’s Biggest Anime Fanboy