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Lil Wayne: Lover of Baseball, America, and Fine Pop Music

“I know the Rays got the Backstreet Boys to sing the national anthem before Game 1, and that’s gonna be something. I thought Backstreet Road was closed for construction, but I guess not.” Lil Wayne [ESPN]

“I don’t know if Obama can say Morgan Freeman paved the way, but it hasn’t hurt.” —Moviefone editor-in-chief Scott Robson on Morgan Freeman’s strong showing in their poll of America’s favorite movie presidents [Reuters]

“I think Charlie had funny moments, but Charlie was quite tortured and into meth. The guy that I play on Chuck is just an out-and-out lunatic.” Dominic Monaghan on the differences between his two English rock-star characters [Ausiello Files/EW]

“I’ve spent five years on this. You should spend an hour on it. You know, spend two hours on it. That would be the decent, respectful thing to do, as opposed to writing a snarky five-minute thing that’s making fun of me, or saying what other people have said.” Charlie Kaufman has some homework for movie critics [A.V. Club]

“I don’t know why he picked me. Maybe because he’d already entitled it Hope Leaves the Theatre.” Hope Davis on acting in Charlie Kaufman’s radio play, Hope Leaves the Theatre [LAT]

Lil Wayne: Lover of Baseball, America, and Fine Pop Music