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Ludacris Hated ‘The Happening’ Just As Much As You Did

The good, repressed old days.

“The minute I realized I got to point a gun at Mark Wahlberg, I said ‘I’m in.’” Ludacris on his part in Max Payne [NYDN]

“People say it’s juvenile music, but pardon me. I thought rock ’n’ roll was supposed to be juvenile. You sing what you know. What am I going to write about — Rembrandt?” Angus Young [NYT]

“Yeah, I understand it, but nobody said comedy. And I always saw this as a comedy.” Josh Brolin on hearing Bush’s life described as a tragedy [LAT]

“Oliver went to a very wealthy liberal investor, and he claimed the script was too pro-Bush for him. The same thing happened with German investors. They said, ‘You made him a human being.’” —W. screenwriter Stanley Weiser [NYP]

“[The fathers] are like, ‘Look, man. We’ve been finished eating for an hour and a half and my daughter won’t let me leave!’” Zac Efron on being confronted for autographs in restaurant bathrooms [People]

Ludacris Hated ‘The Happening’ Just As Much As You Did