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Matthew Weiner Isn’t Doing This for the Emmys

“On some level, the biggest compliment I get is when people tell me, ‘I couldn’t go to sleep,’ or, ‘I did and I had a dream about the show.’ With ‘The Jet Set,’ a lot of people told me they had sex after they saw it. And I love that too. That’s my goal. Cry at the end of the episode, then go have sex.” —Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner [Chicago Tribune]

“People started calling me a hipster and it’s like, I’m so not. I’m not. I’m really a sincere person. Well, I’m not hip and I don’t want to be hip and I don’t know how to be hip. I’m way too old to give a shit about that.” —Charlie Kaufman [Vice via Playlist]

“I knew the kind of game they’re playing. I saw what happened when rappers said something. So some of us are, like, ‘Flavor, go put on a suit. This is real right now.’” Ice T on keeping quiet on the election [VV]

“It’s just like [Michael] Jordan and [John] Starks … and the world loves it. We were happy to be a part of it. And we’re still striving to be better.” Nick Carter on the competition between the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync [MTV]

“I’m glad they cut that scene. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing.” Tobin Bell on a deleted scene from Saw III where Jigsaw shows regret [A.V. Club]

“You put Biggie Smalls on, and my shirt is coming off.” Tracy Morgan on getting banned from several Hollywood nightclubs [NYT]

Matthew Weiner Isn’t Doing This for the Emmys