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Mila Kunis Simply Not Cut Out to Be an Assassin

“Tight black shorts and a leather bustier and a black coat-type thing. It’s almost impossible to look slightly coordinated in 5-inch heels in snow. But apparently, that’s what assassins like to wear nowadays.” Mila Kunis on her costumes in Max Payne [LAT]

“I’ve always been a fan of Vanessa’s work. I like the idea of nudity.” Kanye West on collaborating with performance artist Vanessa Beecroft at his listening party [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

“There was a guy who would stand in front of Jack Murphy Stadium with a sign that said, ‘Honk if you hate Werner.’ Every time I’d drive in, I’d honk, because I didn’t want him to recognize me.” —TV mogul Tom Werner on briefly owning the San Diego Padres [NYT]

“I care about Klingons, I care about being the first one to see the thirty-second trailer for True Blood, I care about seeing a glimpse of the new Watchmen movie. I care about the Black Panther cartoon, seeing screenshots of it before it comes to BET next year. To be in a room with 400 other people who care is amazing.” Murs on Comic-Con [Pitchfork]

“It seemed like a part I could really have some fun with. He starts playing with guns and (there are) orgies and on and on.” Dennis Hopper on his role in Crash [USAT]

“I think we are all busy with other projects at the moment. But I still have a guitar laying around and you never know.” Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the possibility of a Zack Attack reunion tour [WP]

Mila Kunis Simply Not Cut Out to Be an Assassin