Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty Performers

Some say a JPEG with scribbly MS Paint genitals is worth a thousand words. Perez Hilton is a master of such visual haiku, and when it comes to emceeing an event, he’s equally succinct with his hyperbole. At the gossip blogger’s “One Night in New York” party at Highline Ballroom Friday, he gave quick, over-the-top endorsements of each of the acts, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (“They’re about to get your pussies wet!”), Yo Majesty (“They’re about to blow your mind!”), Semi Precious Weapons (“They’re now called Semi Perez-cious Weapons!”), and Lady Gaga (“She is the future of pop music!”). The scene was bizarre — an impenetrable throng in the balcony VIP and an uncomfortable amount of elbow room on the dance floor below. Sponsors were hawking free energy drinks and café con leche at the door, most of which were presumably consumed by Sharon Jones moments before she delivered the most frenetic set of the night. See her and the rest of the artists in our slideshow.

Perez introduces the evening’s entertainment in 25 words or less.
The leading lady kicks off her heels while the Dap Kings deliver some tightly wound funk.
Yo Majesty’s Shunda K wonders why the audience is sending text messages instead of trying to learn the chorus of “Booty Klap.”
Panel of judges for next season’s American Idol?
Semi Precious Weapons pepper their New York Dolls worship with mixed messages: “You’re all a bunch of cunts!” Later: “You’re all gorgeous!”
Lady Gaga lip-syncs through an eye-popping performance worthy of the 2008 VMAs.
Never mind Perez and Lady Gaga exchanging pleasantries – our high-speed digital camera captured the Flash on camera!
Yo Majesty and Perez pose for their new Facebook profile pics.
Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty Performers