Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty Performers
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Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty Performers

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Master of Ceremonies

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Perez introduces the evening's entertainment in 25 words or less.
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Sharon Jones Throws Down

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
The leading lady kicks off her heels while the Dap Kings deliver some tightly wound funk.
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Club Action

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Yo Majesty's Shunda K wonders why the audience is sending text messages instead of trying to learn the chorus of "Booty Klap."
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Yo Majesty Wows the VIP

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Panel of judges for next season's American Idol?
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Welcome to Glamschlock

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Semi Precious Weapons pepper their New York Dolls worship with mixed messages: "You're all a bunch of cunts!" Later: "You're all gorgeous!"
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Gaga for Gaga

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Lady Gaga lip-syncs through an eye-popping performance worthy of the 2008 VMAs.
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Backstage Pass

Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Never mind Perez and Lady Gaga exchanging pleasantries -- our high-speed digital camera captured the Flash on camera!
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Photo: Ari Jankelowitz
Yo Majesty and Perez pose for their new Facebook profile pics.


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