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R. Kelly’s Legal Team Finally Gets to Play Offense

Sloane Tanen’s Feathers (2008).

When R. Kelly was acquitted on child-pornography charges this summer, it evaporated a legal black cloud that had been hanging over the troubled troubadour for more than six years. But it wasn’t clear what, exactly, that would change — Kellz had, after all, never stopped making the sexiest music he was capable of (just like a fireman!). But now the AP is reporting that Kelly filed court documents yesterday requesting a judge’s assistance in collecting $3.4 million he’s owed by a former tour promoter and we think we know exactly what’s changed — somehow, post-acquittal, Kelly’s legal karma has turned and, for perhaps the first time in his entire life, he’s the one initiating courtroom action!

He’s still getting jerked around, of course. Apparently, the promotion team Rowe Entertainment never paid the full amount it owed for shows Kelly played over this year and last; an arbitrator has already ruled that Kelly is rightfully owed the money. The important thing, though, is that, for the first time we can remember, R. Kelly is a plaintiff! May he enjoy a long and healthy future of unsuccessfully appealing wrongfully issued parking tickets.

R. Kelly seeks judge’s confirmation of $3.4 million award against former tour promoter [AP]

R. Kelly’s Legal Team Finally Gets to Play Offense