Ron Artest Puts Out Oddly Legit Mix Tape

When insane Houston Rockets forward Ron Artest put out his rap album My World a couple of years back, we assumed that — much like Allen “Jewelz” Iverson and K.O.B.E. Bryant — we’d never have to hear about his music again. But Ron’s back! And, somehow, inching toward relevance? His crew, the Worldwide Wariers, is putting out a new mix tape, Kings of Queens, through DJ Drama’s legit Gangsta Grillz series.

But why? Ron’s glad you asked: because there are too many “artists who are scared to make music for themselves and they cater to the boss with grey hair or light skin who never ever been caught in a cross fire, or been racially profiled, or cut in the face, or been face to face with multiple crack heads.” That’s a good point — the music industry could be saved if out-of-touch execs would just interact with a larger number of crackheads.

We’d strongly recommend watching the promo video, which plays out like a bad SNL skit, especially when Ron introduces his crew: “Chalice, Foul Monday, Ruck … my brother D. Artest a.k.a. Foots a.k.a. 265 … we both ballers and ballers, double ballers, whatever you want to call it, cause we spittin’ and we ballin’.” Yes, we would like to call you double ballers. In other news, NBA finals MVP Paul Pierce of the world champion Boston Celtics is at practice right now.

Video: Ron Artest Promotes His New Mixtape [You Been Blinded via Rolling Stone]

Ron Artest Puts Out Oddly Legit Mix Tape