In Your Face, Harvey: Scott Rudin Pulls His Name From ‘The Reader’

The awesome feud between easygoing producers Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin over The Reader — previous highlights include Weinstein’s alleged harassment of Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella on their deathbeds, a million-dollar bet with Nikki Finke, and one moved-up release date — got even more exciting last night when Rudin decided to quit the project and remove his name from the film!

As you’ll recall, Weinstein recently scored an apparent victory by convincing poor director Stephen Daldry to rush-complete The Reader in time for Oscar consideration, against the prior wishes of Rudin (who already has Doubt and Revolutionary Road to push this awards season) and star Kate Winslet (who would prefer that her Best Actress nomination be for Revolutionary Road and has purportedly threatened Weinstein with an embargo on any Oscar campaigning for her role in Reader). But could Rudin’s stunt have forced Weinstein to cave? In Contention points out that Reader has been removed from the 2008 schedule on the Weinstein Company’s Website. Does this mean it’ll be released in 2009? We don’t know, but we’d hate to be a chair in Harvey’s office today!

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In Your Face, Harvey: Scott Rudin Pulls His Name From ‘The Reader’