The Roots Get Weezy

1. The Roots, “A Milli” (Lil Wayne cover)
The Roots cover Lil Wayne’s monotonously awesome jam live in Miami, with ?uestlove going blue in the face repeating all those “millis” while still holding down the beat. [Sit Down Stand Up]

2. Connie Converse, “Father Neptune”
Connie Converse packed her car in 1974 and disappeared, but she left behind a set of sweet, sad folk songs recorded in the fifties (soon to be re-released by new label Lau-derette), like this one, about paganism and doomed love. [Facebook]

3. M.I.A. feat. Jay-Z, “Boys (Jazz-1 Remix)”
Inspired by global agitator M.I.A., Jay-Z gets political himself on this remix, asking “American Pie — can I get a slice?” No offense, Hov, but we think you’ve had more than your fair share already. [Different Kitchen]

4. Mirror, “Nostalgia”
On this pretty but cloying ballad from the “multimedia group” Mirror, guest vocalist Dave Gahan sings, “Why do I feel nostalgia?” We bet we can guess! [Audio Drums]

5. Sophia Fresh feat. Kanye West, “What It Is”
Produced by T-Pain, this track left us a bit, well, bored, until we heard Kanye come in near the end doing his own Auto-Tune. Then we got bored again. [First Up!]

The Roots Get Weezy