Wilco Kind of Overdo It

1. Wilco, “Untitled”
On this brand-new song (recorded just the other day at the Bridge School Benefit), Jeff Tweedy promises he’d “kill for you” and “die for you,” but if the other tracks on Wilco’s next album sound anything like this, that probably won’t be necessary. [Muzzle of Bees]

2. M.I.A., “Shells (Slow)”
Currently available only on the How Many Votes Fix Mix EP on iTunes, this track might yet be the only evidence that pregnancy is slowing M.I.A. down. [Ants in My Trance]

3. Andrew Bird and Yo Yo Ma, “Untitled”
This winning jam session is the second-best song we’ve heard all day bearing this exact title. [Stereogum]

4. Max Tundra, “Playboy” (Hot Chip cover)
The quirky Tundra takes his tour hosts’ tricked-out Peugeot for a spin around the studio, with excellent results. [Ohh! Crapp]

5. Stereolab, “Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound’s Southern Baptist Remix)”
Bradford Cox spreads the gospel about Stereolab on this sparkling remix of their recent single. [Pitchfork]

Wilco Kind of Overdo It