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50 Cent Not About to Engage in Beef With Bette Midler

Jonathan Horowitz’s Nightmare on Main Street: Election ‘08 (2008)

“When Bette calls you don’t say ‘no.’ Not if you want your reputation to stay the way it is.” 50 Cent on working with Bette Midler on opening a community garden in Queens [People]

“I didn’t really understand the way the mainstream television industry worked. I just thought, ‘This is so good that it’s going to be a huge hit, and we’ll get awards up the yin-yang forever.’” Lance Reddick on The Wire [A.V. Club]

“Leo — that’s one of my best friends and I’m one of his. That’s just my boy. Tobey’s my boy.” Q-Tip on Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

“When you’re not in that factory that’s on every week, and if you do a movie a year or two movies a year, it seems to the audience and to people as if you’ve quit.” Anthony Edwards would like to reassure you that he is still a working actor [Fan Fare/Reuters]

“The censors flagged the fake poo bit in Zack and Miri. But they let a good second — maybe two — of flat-out labia get by them. I mean, look, I get it. It’s not so much the fake poo itself, as the inference of where the fake poo comes from and why it jets out so quickly. But very seldom do you see labia in an R-rated movie.” Kevin Smith [BlackBook]

“A lot of indie rock seems to place a premium on irony. I think being honest and uncontrived helps bring people back to the notion of fun in rock and roll.” Craig Finn [AP via MSNBC]

50 Cent Not About to Engage in Beef With Bette Midler