Battle of the Leaks: Britney Versus Rihanna

He goes way back.

With her 2007 megahit “Umbrella,” ultracool diva Rihanna shielded pop fans from the soggy mess that unhinged diva Britney Spears had become. Likewise, her newly leaked song, “Bitch I’m Special” — which appeared this weekend along with Spears’s “Kill the Lights” — isn’t her answer to “It’s Britney, Bitch,” but a calm and collected channeling of some jerk dude in it for the booty calls. It’s a rough demo, but the heavy guitar and off-kilter hook make for a much grabbier track than her last leak, the Prince-sampling “Sexuality.” Britney, naturally, ain’t going down without a fight, and the ominous, measured “Kill the Lights” sorta brings it: “You don’t like me,” she squeaks, “I don’t like you. It don’t matter.” But pop royalty or not, it isn’t a good sign that it’s Britney who now sounds like the ice queen.

Rihanna, “Bitch I’m Special” [Pretty Much Amazing]

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Battle of the Leaks: Britney Versus Rihanna