Donald Trump Weighs In on 50 Cent’s ‘Apprentice’-y Reality Show

In the middle of an interview yesterday with NY1 about Obama and the future of our country, Donald Trump took a few moments to address the issue that’s really on everyone’s mind these days — 50 Cent’s reality competition show, The Money and the Power: “[50 Cent] just did a show. It was a copy of The Apprentice. It will fail because he’s not Trump,” said Trump. And while we’d usually agree with the assertion that any given person’s professional pursuits are bound to fail simply because “he’s not Trump,” we’ve got to object here — The Money and the Power is completely awesome.

We think Trump would be unwise to underestimate a guy talented enough to somehow make Tony Yayo famous. Sure, The Money and the Power debuted to unstellar ratings last week (only 808,000 people tuned into Thursday’s premiere), but we’d imagine anyone who saw it has already enthusiastically recommended it to several friends. Yes, The Apprentice invented the form, but 50’s taking the corporate-challenge concept to bold new heights. For example, Trump’s signature catchphrase was the boring, uncolorful “You’re fired.” 50’s? “Get the fuck out” (or, alternately: “You’ve got one more chance … in hell!”) The first episode can be viewed here, and it’s good enough to make us wish 50 would stop making music.

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Donald Trump Weighs In on 50 Cent’s ‘Apprentice’-y Reality Show