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Clint Eastwood to See Dead People

Still Working: Ageless wonder Clint Eastwood is in negotiations to direct DreamWorks’ Hereafter. Written by Peter Morgan, the film’s plot is being kept under wraps but is said to be in the same vein as The Sixth Sense, which make complete sense considering Morgan’s past efforts of Frost/Nixon, The Queen, and The Last King of Scotland. We’re expecting a historical drama about a world leader who sees dead people, which actually sounds promising. [Variety]

00-Zombie: Paramount has snagged Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster to helm World Was Z, a zombie flick based on a best-selling novel by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. With a screenplay by Changeling scribe J. Michael Straczynski, the story will focus on a member of the U.N. Postwar Commission who interviews survivors from around the world to hear their stories of a ten-year-old flesh-eating-zombie crisis that destroyed every nation on earth. The best scene: when a group of zombies from Wyoming start farting around a campfire. [Variety]

Killing Klosterman: Half Shell Entertainment has nabbed the screen rights to Chuck Klosterman’s memoir Killing Yourself to Live. The book is about Klosterman’s experiences traveling to places where famous musicians died, including the site of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash and the garage where Kurt Cobain committed suicide, which serve as a jumping off point for his explorations of pop culture and personal relationships. [Variety]

Cartoon Hero: Marvel Animation is developing and self-producing 26 episodes of a half-hour cartoon series based on Thor, set to premiere in 2010 as a follow-up to Marvel’s live-action Thor. The series will follow Thor, the Norse god of thunder, as he defends his home against scary bad guys. It’s all part of Marvel’s sinister plan to follow its live-action movies with cartoons and indoctrinate a whole new generation of geeks. [HR]

Duff-Woman: Ben Silverman is bringing Hilary Duff to NBC to star in a new series, which will probably get bad ratings but stay on air. Under the terms of Duff’s deal, NBC will develop a show starring the Disney kid turned brooding starlet and tap her considerable talents to guest-star in various current NBC shows. We’re looking forward to her guest spot on 30 Rock (they give those to anyone, right?) in which she stars in Tracy Jordan’s underage-babysitter fantasy. [Variety]

Clint Eastwood to See Dead People