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For Taylor Swift, It’s All Downhill From Here

“We Googled her and iTuned her and listened to it all and said ‘Wow.’ And you look at how many records she’s selling and how lovely and pretty she is and how exciting it is to be at that point in your career, because we were there once.” —Def Leppard’sJoe Elliott on why they decided to perform with Taylor Swift on Crossroads [AP via Yahoo]

“I don’t need to be mentored … I’m my own person. Why don’t you put that in your article? The whole point of my doing this is for me to have done it.” Charlie Kaufman on whether Spike Jonze gave him advice on Synecdoche, New York [Philadelphia Inquirer via PopMatters]

“I should kinda pass through Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, — all those things — and eventually get to that Avengers space, yeah. Especially now that they got Don Cheadle. I know Don’ll want me.” Samuel L. Jackson on his plans for dominating the Marvel film universe [MTV]

“It’s ‘jou-steez’ in France, because [French people] have really bad accents and it doesn’t sound cool when they say ‘justice.’ You can say it however you want!” —Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay would prefer that you not try to pronounce their name with a French accent [Newsroom Blog/MTV]

“No one has ever talked to me about it. It’s not even written. I’m all excited like it’s going to happen. It’s like, ‘Sweet, I have Ghostbusters 3 coming up!’ But it’s not even true. I feel like because I read it online it must be happening.” Paul Rudd dashes all of your Ghostbuster 3 hopes [Movies Blog/MTV]

For Taylor Swift, It’s All Downhill From Here