Jay-Z Mourns the McCain Campaign

Tessa Farmer’s Little Savages (detail) (Fairy attempting to ovi posit in roof of fox’s mouth) (2007).

1. Jay Z, “History”
DJ Angie Martinez gives us about half of Jay-Z’s tribute to President-elect Barack Obama’s historic victory. Extra credit to him for using a sung hook that sounds like it was taken from a song by Chicago’s Peter Cetera. [East of L.A.]

2. Gnarls Barkley, “Mystery Man”
Cartoon Cee Lo makes for a pretty hilarious Faye Ray in this video to accompany a new track from the forthcoming Who Will Save Your Soul EP. [Ill Roots]

3. Smashing Pumpkins, “99 Floors”
On this track, from the Pumpkins’ recent residence at San Francisco’s Fillmore (which will be included on an upcoming DVD), Billy Corgan says he “used to know you, used to care” — and it might just remind you why you feel the same way about his band. [Stereogum]

4. Architecture in Helsinki, “That Beep (Radioclit Remix)”
Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki seem to have ditched an interest in Finnish design in favor Soweto rhythms, given a little help here by Radioclit, who did the same for Vampire Weekend not too long ago. [Persona Sauna]

5. Jon Brion, “Little Person”
Brion pitches in on the soundtrack of Synecdoche, New York with this sadly yearning jazz track. [Untitled Records]

Jay-Z Mourns the McCain Campaign