Justin Timberlake Makes His Charisma Disappear

Jonathan Horowitz’s Nightmare on Main Street: Election ‘08 (2008)

1. Justin Timberlake, “Magic”
On what may either be a new song from an upcoming record or a discarded demo intended for a previous one, JT says he’s “going to show you tricks you’ve never seen.” Sadly, on this track, he doesn’t. [Ants in My Trance]

2. Aesop Rock, “Ready Aim Shoot”
Aesop Rock drops into the Daytrotter studio to lay down five tracks, including this one, which goes faster than a “four-minute mile.” [Daytrotter]

3. Ane Brun, “True Colors” (Cyndi Lauper cover)
We have always hated this song, but Brun has very nearly changed our mind. Almost. [Speed of Dark]

4. Neil Gaiman feat. Claudia Gonson, “Bloody Sunrise”
Just in time to be Vulture’s official pick for best song of this Halloween comes this delightfully sad track by spooky Sandman author Neil Gaiman (with lovely vocals by the Magnetic Fields’ Claudia Gonson), about a lonely vampire.
[ Said the Gramaphone]

5. Ya Boy feat. Lil’ Wayne, “Rain Man (Strip Club Anthem)”
Ya Boy wants an unnamed stripper to make her thong “disappear like you’re David Blaine.” Yes, he actually says that. [First Up!]

Justin Timberlake Makes His Charisma Disappear